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Simple, Reliable. Market Leader in Classroom Management Software.

Computers are amazing educational tools, but they can also be a huge distraction to learning.
The Internet, social media, instant messaging, email and games are a constant distraction for students.
LanSchool removes these distractions and gives teachers the essential tools and confidence to be successful in the classroom.

- REMOVE DISTRACTIONS by blanking out student screens or disabling web browsing
- DEMONSTRATE SKILLS by broadcasting your PC view to all student screens
- MONITOR ACTIVITY with thumbnail views of each student screen
- SIMPLICITY. 'Instant-click' control that takes less than a minute to install.
- Teachers, trainers, librarians, and technology coordinators can easily use LanSchool.
- RELIABILITY. LanSchool is the most robust, error-free software
- COST-EFFECTIVE. A simple and inexpensive pricing model is the best choice for schools, universities and businesses throughout the world.
- LanSchool works across all operating systems and all devices, Windows, Chrome, OS X, Android and iOS.
- LanSchool is available in 14 languages.

Powering over 12 million devices worldwide!

Teachers and IT Teams prefer LanSchool as their classroom management solution.
- LanSchool is clean, simple and easy-to-use.
- It is reliable and uses significantly less network bandwidth
- It is complete, no add-ons are required
- It keeps working even when students try to disrupt it.
- It costs less and is better supported in the market.
- It includes a Tech Console to perform desktop management tasks such as inventory, remote control, software distribution, security and technology utilization reports.

LanSchool Tech Console for IT Departments
Included FREE with LanSchool , Tech Console allows your IT Team, to monitor security risks, keep everything up-to-date, provide fast support, save power and keep track of client machines.

The Tech Console will make your life easier by making hard tasks, very simple!

- View and enable security profiles
- View and enable patch management for the OS
- Distribute software over the network
- View hardware and software inventory
- Centrally manage Deep Freeze settings
- Control Windows SteadyState disk protection remotely
- Provide support through Remote Control and Chat
- Save power by viewing and setting power profiles
- Report on technology usage (web and applications)
- Prevent cyber-bullying and monitor computer use
- Send out school-wide emergency messages
- Receive support requests
- Send and retrieve files

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