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With more than 1,000 modeling, editing, and interface enhancements !

With the new display modes and enhanced rendering, impress your clients and colleagues in every phase of the project.
Big projects run faster with 64-bit and enhanced graphics coprocessor support. 2-D display up to 25 times faster. Light-weight extrusions and more efficient meshing.

Working in 3-D on a computer requires that you visualize three-dimensional objects drawn on a two dimensional medium—the computer screen. Rhino provides tools to help you do this.
You can manipulate the views and look at your model from different angles easily by dragging withyour right mouse button. You can do this in both a wireframe view and a shaded view.

Why NURBS modeling ?
NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines) are mathematical representations that can accurately model any shape from a simple 2-D line, circle, arc, or box to the most complex 3-D free-form organic surface or solid. Because of their flexibility and accuracy, NURBS models can be used in any process from illustration and animation to manufacturing.

NURBS geometry is an industry standard for designers who work in 3-D where forms are free and flowing; where both form and function is important. Rhino is used in marine, aerospace, and automobile interior and exterior design. Makers of household and office appliances, furniture, medical and sports equipment, footwear, and jewelry use Rhino to create free-form shapes.
NURBS modeling is also widely used by professional animators and graphic artists. The advantage over using polygon modelers is that there are no facets. The models can be rendered at any resolution. A mesh can be created from the model at any resolution

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