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New MathType
7 is a suite of products to edit math equations and chemistry formulas in different technological set-ups. Which of the MathType products you choose will depend on your use cases, such as editing an equation in Microsoft Word in your desktop or a Google document.

You may be writing lab notes or lesson plans that no one will see but you. You may be writing textbooks or technical manuals that will be read by thousands. Either way, MathType is the only tool you'll need for great-looking math content any time, anywhere.

  • Integration in Microsoft Word and other apps
  • MathType integrated with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Apple Pages is when it shines best because you can quickly add both the simplest and the most advanced equations and formulas into your documents. MathType works with hundreds of additional applications though (see next section), so it likely works with your favorites.
MathType's tab on the ribbon in Word

    • Type TeX directly into Word, then toggle the TeX into a MathType equation.

Whether it's your favorite plotting software, computer algebra system, or word processor you'd like MathType to work with, chances are good MathType will work with it -- and others -- very nicely.

Animated GIF showing saving a MathType equation as MathML and inserting into a web page.
  • Export all equations in a Word document to images.

No one intentionally sets out to waste time, but why settle for "good enough"? MathType makes it easy to get done what you need to be done, and move on to other work

  • You can add functions to the list of functions MathType recognizes.

MathType comes "out of the box" ready to go, and its default state is fine for many users. Even so, many other users prefer to "make MathType their own" with various customizations -- and why not? MathType makes it easy to do so.

Add frequently-used expressions and equations to the MathType toolbar.

  • Styling and fonts -- your choice
  • Unlike some equation editors that provide a very limited choice of fonts, MathType lets you choose the look you want. You can write equations with an appearance that's identical to the text of your document, or you can choose a font that makes the formulas stand out a bit. Fonts, sizes, colors, spacing, alignment of multiple lines, alignment of equations with surrounding text -- it's all under your control.
Tweak MathType's styling to suit your needs or your style guide.

If you're a third grade or KS1 teacher, MathType has you covered. If you're a PhD candidate, we've got what you need. If you're a professional engineer, you'll find the gamut of engineering mathematics in MathType. It's all there.

  • Examples of different levels of math that MathType covers.
  • Easy installation

MathType directly integrates with Word and Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) to create documents with mathematical braille. Create talking books and documents that can be read aloud with accessible technology. If you need an expression read a certain way, you can (on Windows) enter Custom Speech Text that the screen reader will use instead of the normal text.

LaTeX support
If you prefer LaTeX, you can type LaTeX directly into MathType or Word and convert to a built-up equation with a click or a keypress. Use MathType as a LaTeX front-end for LaTeX documents or web pages rendered with MathJax.

Image formats
Export the formulas to EPS to get the best possible quality integrated into third-party software like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. For less demanding scenarios like publishing into the Web and social media, the faster GIF format is a perfect choice. You can also export to the WMF format in Windows and PDF in Mac.

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