MAXQDA is a world-leading software for qualitative and mixed methods data analysis.

Analyze all kinds of data – from texts to images and audio/video files, websites, tweets, focus group discussions, survey responses, and much more. MAXQDA is at once powerful and easy-to-use, innovative and user-friendly, as well as the only leading QDA software that is 100% identical on Windows and Mac.

Creative Data Analysis

Our latest release solidifies our mission to provide world-class software to researchers worldwide. MAXQDA 24 will make your work more effective, efficient, and enjoyable with over 35 new features and a fresh new look. These include innovative and automatic analysis tools that will take your research to new heights.

Presenting MAXQDA Transcription Integration

The MAXQDA Update 24.2 introduces a groundbreaking workflow that allows MAXQDA Users to seamlessly import and AI-powered transcribe media files within the MAXQDA Software.

MAXQDA Transcription overview

  • Effortless transcription: Import media files and choose between manual or AI-powered transcription.
  • Expanded language support: MAXQDA supports 45 transcription languages, ensuring accurate transcriptions.
  • Custom glossaries: Customize glossaries to capture the right terminology and jargon.
  • Speaker differentiation: MAXQDA Transcription labels speakers separately, making it easier to analyze opinions and voices.
  • Timestamp integration: Text segments are seamlessly linked to audio with timestamps, making analysis easier.
  • GDPR compliance: Be assured that MAXQDA Transcription is fully GDPR-compliant, with secure storage of speech recognition files.
Get a sneak peek at the MAXQDA Transcription enhancements in action in this short video:

With MAXQDA now with smart AI integration - you can tackle your research with ease. AI Assist supports your work by automatically analyzing and summarizing elements of your research project. With MAXQDA Transcription, you can automate the conversion of your audio or video into text within your MAXQDA Account. Available in over 40 languages, this feature is seamlessly integrated with AI Assist” and can be used for interviews, focus group discussions, and more.

The latest MAXQDA update introduces AI Assist, your new intelligent built-in assistant - powered by Open AI. Available for subscription users and students.

Revolutionize your Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis with our latest MAXQDA update! Meet AI Assist, the intelligent built-in assistant powered by OpenAI.
Why AI Assist?
Making research faster and more efficient than ever before.
AI Assist automatically summarizes coded segments of one topic.
AI Assist can summarize multiple text segments that were coded with the same code to help you explain common themes across your coding.
Customize your summary by adjusting its length, language, and format. Afterward you’re free to modify the summaries just like any other text.
Your data is not used for AI learning.

Chatting with your data? Now it is possible.
The latest MAXQDA Update focuses on the new AI Assist feature Chat with your Data, available with MAXQDA’s smart AI Integration. This allows you to chat with data directly within MAXQDA’s interface.

AI-Chat with Documents
This is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making your research process even more efficient. Users can ask any question about the document content within a chat. For instance, users can inquire about the most relevant topics discussed in an interview or seek insights into an interviewee’s opinions on a specific topic.

The AI Chat revolutionizes the user experience by allowing conversational engagement with their data. Users can reset conversations anytime, and references are visually differentiated for easy identification. By clicking on a citation, the referenced section will be retrieved in the Document Browser for easy review.

Get a sneak peek at the latest MAXQDA exciting features in this short video.


Everything in one place

MAXQDA works with a vast range of data formats. Text documents, Excel tables, PDFs, images, website data, audio or video recordings, SPSS files, bibliographic records, focus group discussions –even YouTube comments and Twitter tweets– you can analyze it all!


Get the most out of your data

Built-in tools for professional transcriptions of audio and video recordings. Of course, you can also import transcripts you’ve created in a separate program and link your transcripts to the original media file. Or code and analyze your media file as it is – even without transcribing it before.


Get an overview

Write notes while you work and attach them anywhere – to documents, to codes, or to the data itself. Summarize the most important data points or paraphrase them to develop a coding system. With the Memo Manager, Summary Grids and Summary Tables you’ll never lose track of your progress!


Understand how things connect

Visualize the progression of an interview, compare documents, or use concept maps to visualize connections. Identify patterns and relationships, present, and further explore your data.


Share your research with the world

Easily generate and customize a report with MAXQDA’s Smart Publisher and export to many formats. Quickly collect outputs and conclusions on different topics at all stages with Questions, Themes & Theories.

MAXQDA Feature Comparison

Maxqda 24 Feature Comparison

License Options

Identical functionality, different styles of installation. For Windows and Mac.

Network License

  • Set up and managed with our license management tool, Netlic Service
  • System requirements: Windows 10 or newer, Windows and Mac clients can both be connected to this license

Subscription License Benefits:

USA & Canada

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