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Web-based Testing and Assessment for Math Courses
Maple T.A. is an easy-to-use web-based system for creating tests and assignments, and automatically assessing student responses and performance. It supports complex, free-form entry of mathematical equations and intelligent evaluation of responses, making it ideal for any course that requires mathematics like engineering, sciences and technology.
Natural Math Notation
Maple T.A. supports the use of standard mathematical notation in both the question text and student response, so students can focus on their assignment, not on the software.
Free Response Questions
With Maple T.A., you can ask free-response questions, including questions that have more than one correct answer. Maple T.A. will evaluate responses intelligently, just like you would.
Start Immediately
If you choose, you can let Maplesoft host your Maple T.A. service. You can get started right away, and never have to worry about system set-up or server maintenance.

Maple T.A. can be seamlessly integrated into all your institutions’ systems and routines, ensuring a smooth experience for students, instructors, and administrators.
- Maplesoft can host the Maple T.A. server and look after all software setup and maintenance , or you can host the server yourself.
- Authentication via LDAP allows you to integrate Maple T.A. with your campus database for user authentication, making class administration easy to manage.
- Class roster import, manual registration, and student self-registration are all available.
- Content can easily be shared between instructors , making multi-section courses simple to administer.
- Single sign-on for all classes provides a convenient starting point for students and instructors.
- Maple T.A. can be incorporated into virtually any course management system , making for a seamless experience for instructors and students.

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-The Maple T.A. Connector for Blackboard® Software (available separately) integrates Maple T.A. into your existing Blackboard course management system.
-Maple T.A. includes a connector for integrating with the Moodle™ course management system.
-A web services API allows you to build your own connector to integrate Maple T.A. into other course management and data management systems. Customers have used this API to integrate Maple T.A. with a variety of systems, including Banner, Luminis, Datatel Colleague, Ping Pong, Microsoft SharePoint, and custom-built solutions.

Full Support for Mathematics
Maple T.A. is designed especially for courses involving mathematics, and so it is your best choice for your mathematics, engineering, science, and other courses that use math. Maple T.A. lets you ask the questions you want, the way you want, and then grades the responses just like you would.
Natural math notation is used in both the question text and student response.
Easy-to-use equation editor makes it simple to enter mathematical expressions.
Sophisticated visualization tools let you easily include plots in your questions by taking advantage of the over one hundred 2-D and 3-D plot types and customization options available from Maple. When appropriate, you can even allow students to see a plot of their response before they submit their work.
Easy Content Creation
Maple T.A. is the system of choice for those who want full control over their question content. Whether you want to customize the many available questions or write your own, Maple T.A. provides the most comprehensive, easiest-to-use authoring tools available for mathematics-based content.
Step-by-step Question Designer walks you through the creation of a wide variety of questions.
Easy-to-use editor lets you add formatting, images, plots, and special characters to questions.
International language support allows questions to be written in any language.
Thousands of questions, many of which have been extensively field tested, are freely available for you to use and customize for your own classes. Topics include calculus, precalculus, physics, chemistry, engineering, differential equations, statistics, and more.
Everything else you want in a testing and assessment system
Of course, Maple T.A. has all the features you would expect in any testing and assessment system, in addition to all the features that make it ideal for math-based testing, including lots of different question types, control over numerous aspects of the assignments, and a gradebook that is second to none in terms of its flexibility and analytical tools.
Over 15 question types, including mathematical free response, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, clickable image,essay, and numeric with margins of error, cover all your needs for both technical and non-technical subjects.

Why Use the Placement Test Suite?

Place your incoming students in the right mathematics courses quickly and painlessly using the renowned Mathematical Association of America (MAA) placement tests offered online exclusively through the Maple T.A. testing environment.
Easy to administer. Deliver tests online, without the logistical headaches of room scheduling, paper copy delivery, marker hiring, marathon marking sessions, and manual mark entry.
Instant results. Results are available as soon as the student has completed the test.
Placement before scheduling. Because tests are taken online, placement testing can be done before students arrive on campus, over the summer or even at the end of the previous school year when the concepts are fresh in students’ minds. Class scheduling can then be done using the placement information.
Flexible delivery. Tests can be offered multiple times, or over a period of time, to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. Tests can even be administered more than once to the same students throughout the license period, to validate improvements during and after the course and to determine placement for additional subjects.

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