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Simple, Reliable. Market Leader in Classroom Management
Today’s teachers are faced with the challenge and opportunity of using technology to teach.

Computers are amazing educational tools, but they can also be a huge distraction to learning.
The Internet, instant messaging, email and games are a constant temptation for students.
LanSchool removes these distractions and gives teachers the essential tools and confidence to be successful in a 21st century classroom.

- REMOVE DISTRACTIONS by blanking out student screens or disabling web browsing
- DEMONSTRATE SKILLS by broadcasting your PC view to all student screens
- MONITOR ACTIVITY with thumbnail views of each student screen
- SIMPLICITY. 'Instant-click' control that takes less than a minute to install. Teachers, trainers, librarians, and technology coordinators can easily use LanSchool.
- RELIABILITY. LanSchool is the most robust, error-free software available.
- COST-EFFECTIVE. With a simple and inexpensive pricing model is the tool of choice for school districts, universities and businesses throughout the world.
- AVAILABLE in English and Spanish

Here's why teachers and techs prefer LanSchool as their classroom management solution.
- LanSchool is clean, simple and easy-to-use. Teachers love it.
- It is reliable and uses significantly less network bandwidth than other solutions.
- It is complete, no add-ons are required to block the Internet, applications, Printing and USB drives.
- It keeps working even when students try to disrupt it.
- It costs less and is better supported than any other solution on the market.
- It supports PCs, Macs, Linux and Thin Clients such as NComputing, Terminal Services and Citrix.
- It includes a Tech Console to perform desktop management tasks such as inventory, remote control, software distribution, security and technology utilization reports.

Desktop Management for PC and MAC
Designed for IT Administrators

Included FREE with LanSchool , Tech Console v7.7 allows techs to monitor security risks, keep everything up-to-date, provide fast support, save power and keep track of client machines.
The Tech Console will make your life easier by making hard tasks, very simple!

LanSchool Tech Console v7.7 allows IT Departments to:
- View and enable security profiles View and enable patch management for the OS
- Distribute software over the network
- View hardware and software inventory
- Centrally manage Deep Freeze settings
- Control Windows SteadyState disk protection remotely
- Provide support through Remote Control and Chat
- Save power by viewing and setting power profiles
- Report on technology usage (web and applications)
- Prevent cyber-bullying and monitor computer use
- Send out school-wide emergency messages
- Receive support requests
- Send and retrieve files